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Unfortunately it is widely accepted that most change and transformation initiatives fail, causing confusion throughout the organisation and huge frustration for CEOs, business leaders and owners.

There is no getting away from the fact that the CEO or business owner and their top team are pivotal to the success of any change and the bigger the change, the more essential it is that they drive it.

While CEOs, business leaders and owners  like to think they are influential - they don’t fully realise how influential they actually are. Most of these initiatives are known to fail because they are either targeted at the wrong level of the business or because they are too far removed from the process and can’t see the blocks quickly enough to remove them.  

This is why The Alpha Programme is designed to work directly with the Alpha. To first understand their Genius Zone and then, through The Alpha Cascade, show them how to use this to 'cascade' their leadership and influence, down through the hierarchy and across the web of their organisation.


What The Alpha Cascade does

We have an approach to cascade and scale what the CEO, business leader or owner has learnt on The Alpha Programme, through the whole organisation. To understand the surprising and unexpected influence and impact of the Alpha, which is frequently hidden from sight, watch this short video.

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