I often struggle to describe how Stephen does what he does and frankly most of his clients say the same.

He is also a marketer's nightmare, because what he does is simply not comparable to a typical executive coach, trainer, facilitator or consultant - although he has all of these skills.

He is instantly able to get underneath any 'symptoms' presented to him, giving his clients complete clarity, so they can immediately move on.

To those that have worked with him, he is a life-saver. Not only do I know this from the public proclamations and reviews from people who have experienced and worked with Stephen, but also from personal experience.

I am an Alpha, but I was a trapped Alpha in the corporate world for a long time. I met Stephen for a 1:1 after a recommendation from a trusted friend. I discovered I had spent a lifetime treating symptoms and had never got close to understanding or touching the true causes of them.

I learnt more and changed more in that one session than I had done with numerous attempts with self and professional help.

Stephen provokes you to disrupt yourself, to examine how you think and to find out what holds you back. Sounds like a cliché, but he is the only person I have met who can do this as accurately and fast .

He is one of the most knowledgeable, well researched, skilled experts on humans you are ever likely to come across. It is the pathway of his unexpected journey that has resulted in his unique capabilities.

It is amusing to watch the confused faces of a business audience, try to work out how someone who's first business was as a physiotherapist, is giving them such invaluable insight into themselves and running their business. But it was from his frustration as a physio, that led him to explore why some people seemed to deliberately sabotage their own healing and health. This obviously is not logical but is something we all do from time to time. The next twenty years were a journey to discover and deal with the Emotional Logic that causes this to happen.

This is what he did with me. He has worked all around the world and found the same issues every where - hence one of his favourite expressions is 'Welcome to Being Human'.

He is certainly direct and is the only person I know who enjoys provoking Alphas, because he truly understands their value in the world and that they need support too.

I don't know how he does what he does, but I do know that his unique talent, insight and approach is a hidden gem.

The world needs better Leaders. That is why I quit my career and joined him to help him on his mission - To show CEOs, top teams and entrepreneurs how to play in their Genius Zone.

Kate Scammell-Anderson

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Certain Change provokes you to disrupt yourself, to examine how you think and to find out what holds you back.

Our mission is to help CEOs, top teams and entrepreneurs to achieve more, by showing them how to play in their Genius Zone and to cascade this through their organisation.  

We work confidentially with a limited number of CEOs and business owners, advising and facilitating executive-level strategy and decision-making. Over 30 years of experience has led to the innovation of fast, high-impact techniques that cut through what stops people from performing and creates entrepreneurial C-suites.


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