How often do you get in your own way?

Having doubts and fears is a normal part of being human. Fear, when used properly, is an ally to making good decisions. But when used badly it stops people from thinking clearly and changes their decision making process. This leads to rash decisions being made or putting off making them altogether. It leads to selective thinking and an inability to see all the options available. It’s just how the brain tries to handle stress.

We can’t disconnect who we are and the rest of our lives from our work. Indeed we should not even try because it is a our many and varied experiences from both our personal and work lives that make us who we are. These experiences and the values and beliefs born from them can influence us both positively and negatively.

We tend to rely on past experience to help us make future choices, that’s just how the brain works, but sometimes we need to let these go and think and act differently, radically differently.

Human beings have a tendency to be cautious when risk is perceived to be high. This is a natural and useful process, but when change is required this desire can stop decisions and actions from being taken, resulting in more problems being created than were there before.

One of the most commonly desired outcomes from the process is to have the confidence to make a different sort of decision. Unblock Your Genius Zone is a confidential half day process to get to the root of the thinking that gets in your way. Many people don’t understand why they react the way they do in certain situations. They know they don’t like it and wish they could stop but they keep doing it. The Unblock Your Genius Zone process will find why you think and act the way you do.And once you can understand it, you can change it. 

Learn what your Genius Zone is, why you aren't in yours and how to articulate yours to others.

Set up your life and business so you 
can operate in your
Genius Zone.

Help other people to operate in their
Genius Zone, so you can stay in

I teach people how to get out of their own way  to achieve far better results.

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