CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs are venerated and cursed in equal measure. They have the capacity to inspire people to either follow or rebel,

Most game changers and innovators will have an Alpha Mindset. We have all seen the amazing results these people achieve but we have all seen the damage they do when they lose their balance and perspective.


So you know that you’re different from the crowd. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you probably have an Alpha Mindset:

  • Do you have an unrelenting drive to achieve?
  • Do you love to achieve, but other areas of your life can suffer?  
  • Do you get angry and frustrated with other people because they don’t think and work like you do?
  • Do you accidentally cause damage while you're working hard to succeed?
  • Do you know you need help, but often hesitate to ask for it?
  • Do you know you can achieve far more, but frustratingly block yourself?

The Alpha Mindset is a complicated thing, a double-edged sword.  It was recognised and named by Stephen Bates, founder of Certain Change, over 25 years of obsessing over the question "Why do people do things that limit their success?”.  

It can create tremendous success, but huge damage if not well balanced. The self-belief, passion and drive of the true Alpha is essential to achieving the goals they set, but can cause chaos too.    

A balanced Alpha Mindset means you are consistently operating from your Genius Zone. This allows you to achieve far more by typically dramatically increasing the size and scope of your goals, while no longer damaging other parts of your life.    


Stephen Bates is the creator of The Alpha Programme, which is designed to keep CEOs, top teams and entrepreneurs working in their Genius Zone, to achieve new goals, sectors, businesses and challenges through ultimate control, adaptability, balance and success.

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