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How to help other people to operate in their Genius Zone, so you can stay in yours.

Overcoming your own obstacles to have the courage to execute.

Whether your goal is to start your own business, get that promotion or change career – this programme will provoke you to disrupt yourself, examine how you think and find out what holds you back. Cutting through what stops you from achieving what you know you are capable of.

The Alpha Programme is highly responsive and adaptable to each individual. Working directly with Stephen Bates, the Alpha programme works on two levels simultaneously - your chosen initiative or challenge and yourself.

An approach to cascade and scale what the CEO, business leader or owner has learnt on The Alpha Programme, through the whole organisation.

Learn what your Genius Zone is, why you aren't in yours and how to articulate to others.

How to set up your life and business so you can operate in your Genius Zone.

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