Get In Your Genius Zone

How far away are you from working in your Genius zone? Do you get pulled away from it too often? Is you career path taking you closer to it or further away from it?

The first step to be truly effective and to enjoy Playing In Your Genius Zone is to find where your Genius Zone is and understand how to explain this to others.

This is can be done on an individual or group basis.

For the individual it is a focussed half day of exploration and gentle interrogation to uncover how you are most effective.

Groups, depending on their size, get in their Genius Zones on a one day event. For leadership teams, not only does each member of the team discover what their own Genius Zone is, but they discover what the rest of their team excels in.

The next important step is to identify where you are now in comparison to your Genius Zone and why you aren’t in yours already. Then you can start to map out what you need to do to get fully into your Genius Zone and what you need to change to stay there.

Most people are astonished with how much of their thinking and working time was taken up with tasks that they should never have been doing. Either because they didn't have the right mindset or skill set or simply because they should have be using their time to greater effect doing something else. It is a very liberating and very rewarding thing to do.

Having identified your Genius Zone it takes us nicely to the next step - Set Up Your Genius Zone.

Set up your life and business so you 
can operate in your
Genius Zone.

Help other people to operate in their
Genius Zone, so you can stay in

Overcome your own obstacles to
have the courage to 

Where is your Genius Zone? How do you articulate this to others and why aren't you in it?


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