To be a great influencer you need to know 
how people are motivated and make decisions.

Influence From Your Genius Zone

The next step is to hugely increase your knowledge and skills about how people think and how to influence and lead them. This training will improve how you evaluate high pressure situations and make real-time decision making far easier.

Great Leaders have a talent. To inspire people to follow them.

This is not just about great communication skills, this is about having a deep practical knowledge and understanding of how people think. To be a great influencer you need to know how people are motivated and make decisions.

Authority and title is not enough. People will have to listen if you have these but can you inspire their desire to follow you by creating understanding and confidence?

This is not just theoretical knowledge, it is a practical real time skill to be able to read a situation and decide what to do and say next. People give off a huge amount of valuable information all of the time, which when you know how to gather and interpret it will give you enormous insight into their thinking and how to respond.

Learn what your Genius Zone is, why you aren't in yours and how to articulate yours to others.

Set up your life and business so you 
can operate in your
Genius Zone.

Overcome your own obstacles to
have the courage to 

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