S Bates, October 22 2019

Are You A Trapped and Frustrated Level 3 Thinker?


Are you someone who has the talent of seeing opportunities when everyone else just sees problems?

If so, you are a rare Level 3 thinker.

And if you spend too much of your time thinking "why am I getting involved with this?"

Then you are thinking below your paygrade.

This is one of the ways I identify a Trapped Alpha.

Level 2 thinking is about problem-solving.

And while problem-solving is vital in business, Level 3 thinkers are the company's drivers.

The moment they drop down into Level 2, Level 3 thinkers will be underperforming.

And they will be frustrated as hell.

In the Alpha programme, there is a stage when Level 3 thinking takes over from Level 2.

This is when they have released themselves from firefighting and day to day management issues, and they are back doing what they do best, growing the company.

They still might start a coaching call with, "I want to talk over a problem".

But the solutions are now about growth and scalability rather than how to solve an individual irritating problem.

If you recognise this situation in yourself.

Or see it in your company's Level 3 thinkers.

Then please get in touch

Enquiries@CertainChange.co.uk or message me directly.

Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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