S Bates, November 14 2019

Are Your A Director Stuck In A Managers Job?


The first thing I do with a new client is to discover if they have a Directors or Managers way of thinking.

The lightbulbs start to go on when I explain the difference.

Directors should sit in the Red Innovator Zone of the Genius Zone model.

They should be creating direction, innovating ideas and leading the charge towards hitting the company goals.

The Left Side is where a company's natural Managers should be.

They are happiest when creating control through their process management skills.

But, if you are feeling frustrated, it is the wrong part of the model.

If you like managing and also have the ambition to lead your own team or company, you should be in the Red Innovator Zone and on the Left Side.

But, if you have a strong ambition to lead but get frustrated with managing, you should be on the Right Side of the Innovator Zone.

The majority of my Alpha Programme clients are trapped in a Manager role.

Being in the right place will make a massive difference to your performance and that of any team or company you lead.

If you would like to check if you and your team are in the right place to produce the best results, then please message me.

Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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