S Bates, July 16 2019

Confident Enough To Manage Your Most Important Projects?


A 2016 survey of 500 managers found that 44 per cent 'felt' unprepared for their role.

Additionally, 87 per cent wished they'd had more training before becoming a manager.

However, there is an extra problem we need to consider.

Many people who are in a management position don't like managing.They are not Natural Managers.

They would prefer to be 'creating' or 'doing' rather than 'controlling'. 

This because they are an Innovator or Worker at heart, not a Manager.

Results will suffer, and teams will be unproductive because their leader does not feel confident because they are not Natural Managers or have the skills and knowledge they need.

The two issues to solve this problem are:

1. You need to identify if they are Natural Managers or not.

2. You need to look at the knowledge and skills they need to do the job confidently and well.

Luckily in tomorrow's post, I'm going to list out the MUST HAVE skills a manager needs to have to be able to do their job confidently.

And if you would like help diagnosing your natural from non-natural managers, please get in touch here. https://go.oncehub.com/StephenBates1

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S Bates

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