S Bates, September 30 2019

Houston, We Have A Problem!


We all know that feeling when the proverbial hits the fan.

But, which of the three approaches will you take to solving the problem?

Each approach gives a very different result.

If you lead or manage, it’s essential to know how many people you have of each type in your team.

The Three Levels of Problem Solving

1. The ‘Oh Crap’ Level

Everyone experiences this level.

It’s the feeling we get when we learn of a problem.

However, some never move past this level, and they try to pass the problem to someone else.

Often up to their manager.

2. The Problem Solving Level

These are the people who love to solve problems.

Do you have enough great problem solvers in your business?

3. The Opportunity Level

This is a whole different level of thinking around problem-solving.

These are the rare and valuable people who can see opportunities within problems.

They will drive your business forward if they are given time and resources.

A client discovered a very talented Level 3 thinker hidden and underused within their team.

How many of these people do you have?

What level do you usually work at?

Do you have too at many Level 1?

And, the right number of 2 & 3's in the right place?

Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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