S Bates, October 30 2019

How Do Successful People Use Confidence?


There is a core difference between successful people and those who strangle their success.

They act.

If you were expecting me to say that they are always confident, they aren't.

They doubt like everyone else.

But, there is something they do have confidence in.

Their ability to find what they need.

This is a core difference between an Alpha and a Trapped Alpha.

Alphas are the men and women who are highly driven to create above average results and are prepared to take higher than average risks to do so.

They like to write their own rules.

They like to be the boss of their lives.

They will act when they don't have all the answers because they trust themselves to find what they need as they progress.

A Trapped Alpha has all the drive of an Alpha but hasn't as yet got this core confidence in place

Most people block themselves because of a belief, not because of a lack of skill or knowledge.

Needing too high a level of certainty kills the willingness to act.

When you stop trying to eliminate every fear the future has, you will enjoy the excitement of the challenge it brings.

Are you a Trapped Alpha with great skills but keep strangling your results?

Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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