S Bates, October 4 2019

How To Make The People Formula Change Results


The People Formula is not about judging others.

It is not about classifying them as a personality type.

It is not about telling someone who they are or who they should be.

It is about understanding people in real-time situations.

It's about understanding why they acted in the way they did when they could have done something else instead.

It is about learning the alphabet of how people think.

It is about being able to observe behaviour and understand the thinking that drove that behaviour.

How would you use this skill?

- Leadership?

- Managing?

- Sales and negotiation?

- Changing your own behaviour?

- Helping others change theirs?

Below is the feedback from just the first week of one client's training in the People Formula.

"Whole mindset change.

Wow, if that's only week 1. I'll be Einstein by the end of 3 months.

I've now got meanings and definitions and understanding on all my fears, all my goals, all the habits I have and behaviours."

I've managed to do things I never thought were even possible until I tried them, and what was stopping me was my own mental barriers, nothing more."

JW, Syndey Australia.

Please watch the video and contact me if you want to learn more.

Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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