S Bates, November 4 2019

How To Make Your Leadership More Effective


Yesterday I watched a single lady destroy a leader's reputation in seconds.

All she did was roll her eyes over the shoulder of the man who was leading her while they danced.

She was giving feedback to her friends and anyone else who was watching.And he had no idea this was going on.

And before you run for the hills because I mentioned dancing,I want to use the analogy of dancing Tango this week because when we can see something in a real situation, we learn it faster and deeper.

You Are Not In Control

The first lesson is that you are not in control of your reputation.

The people whom you interact with are.

She was warning them, stay away!

But who did they then tell?If this sounds like networking, then you would be right.

Are people telling others to follow you or have nothing to do with you?

This first lesson is a tough one, and most people shy away from it.

Are you prepared to look long and hard at how your behaviour impacts your reputation?

It takes immense courage to look at ourselves in this way.

A leader's reputation matters because it will attract or repel the people you need to be successful, including clients.

You can't fix a problem you can't or won't see.


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S Bates

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