S Bates, November 14 2019

How To Make Your Leadership More Effective - Part 2


Tango is an incredibly difficult dance.

To be able to dance it, you have to learn two different skillsets simultaneously.

The first is learning the steps and technique that makes the dance unique.

But, we also have to learn how to lead our follower as well.

Imagine the difficulty of learning to be an accountant and setting up and running an accountancy practice at the same time.

This is what makes Tango so difficult and take so long to learn.

A good leader who knows fewer steps is preferred to one that knows more but is poor at leading.

You cannot dance Tango well without excellent leadership skills.

The same is true for business.

But, business and Tango differ crucially on this topic.

In business, learning leadership skills does not have to be done straight away.

But when do you learn them?

To be a leader in Tango you start learning leadership skills in your first lesson.

In business, there is no set time.And many never learn these skills at all.

A leader’s value comes from their ability to leverage the skills of their whole team.

When you train a leader, you leverage the whole team's results.

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Stephen Bates

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