S Bates, November 14 2019

How To Make Your Leadership More Effective - Part 3


The next lesson in our Tango analogy is to look at why a follower would pick you to lead them.

In Tango, leaders ask followers to dance by means of the Cabeceo.

The literal translation of Cabeceo is 'nod of the head'.It is a non-verbal way of requesting a dance, usually from across the room.

If the follower wants to dance, they will nod back.If they look away, it means no.

This system allows two important things to happen.

Firstly, the follower can say no.They can refuse an invitation without having to say why.

Secondly, it prevents embarrassment.If it is done correctly, no one else sees the refusal.

But what does this teach us about leadership and how it differs in business?

The difference is that in business employees, to a large extent, can't say no to the leader without suffering some form of consequence.

Imagine if your team just said no, and that was that.

But because they can't say no directly, they won't work to their best abilities and will lose motivation.

Leaders in Tango have to earn their yeses.They don't come with a title.

Learning to be a great leader is about becoming a leader that people want to follow, not have to.

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