S Bates, November 14 2019

How To Make Your Leadership More Effective - Part 4


The last lesson from the world of Tango is all about the myth of getting people to buy into a single business vision.

One of the most important things a leader does is set the vision and direction of the company or team.

And naturally, they want their people to buy into their vision.

In Tango, the leader decides the steps, and they interpret the music to control the speed and the feel of the dance.

And if this is all goes smoothly, you have an average dance at best.

The elements will be there, but it is a monologue, not a conversation.

The word follower is really the wrong word.

We want them to be active in the conversation.

To contribute their skills and show us how they are feeling the music to co-create the vision and to work together to achieve it.

This is when the magic truly happens.

Everyone has their own vision.If you want them to be enthusiastic about yours, theirs needs to fit within it.

When a leader has the confidence to allow others to help create and execute their vision, they will have a highly engaged team working with them.

A scared or controlling leader will never achieve this.A skilled leader will.

Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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