S Bates, July 22 2019

How To Make Your Teams Happier and Perform Better


In this weeks series of posts, I want to take you through the different reasons why your teams may not be performing as well could be and then what to do about to start improving things.

Today we are going to start with the environment they work in.

And when I say environment, I don't mean just the physical place they work; I also want you to think about the atmosphere and culture too.

If a physical work-space is boring and lacking in energy and stimulus, don't expect people to be positive and creative.

If the environment is chaotic and stressful, don't expect them to be focused and be able to pay attention to important detail.

If the company is always in firefighting mode, don't expect them to have much self-worth from doing a good job.

The environment is far more than buildings and equipment.

If you aren't deliberately creating a positive environment, you won't get the one you need to make your teams happy and performing at their best.

Cultures always get created, but the right culture needs to be designed, developed, and looked after.

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Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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