S Bates, October 3 2019

How To Speak People In 734 Easy Lessons


How To Understand People In 734 Easy Lessons

Some people will get very upset with me on reading this post.

"You can't reduce a person down to a formula!"

"One formula can't honour and respect someone's being".

(this is a direct quote)

But, even when I told them that is not what I mean by the People Formula, they got indignant and walked off.

From the clues I have given you, can you see what was driving them?

The People Formula is not a way of judging someone.

It's a way of understanding someone in real-time.

You are reading this post because you learnt the letters of the alphabet and the rules of how to put them together.

Knowing the formula of language allows you to write a shopping list or Romeo and Juliet.

The People Formula is about understanding people.

It works for you, your clients, the people you manage and even your spouse and kids.

Would being able to understand how people are thinking by observing their behaviour be valuable to you and your company?

It does not take '734 easy lessons' to learn; it's much quicker than you think.

But why did I write that number?

If you know the formula, nothing is a mystery.

Please get in touch if you and your business needs to understand people much better.

Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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