S Bates, October 9 2019

How To Use A Shark To Improve Results


33 years ago, I learnt a superb lesson in people management.

In a short space of time, I had two deputy branch managers at the business I worked in.

One was universally liked and respected.

One was hated.

The hated manager, Mr C used to embarrass and undermine his managers.

He had a habit of pulling you aside into a corner and boxing you in as he talked to you.

He would never speak to you in a group, but everyone knew you were getting it in the neck as soon as you were 'put in the corner'.

He created a culture of fear and resentment.

Two managers resigned because of him.

Mr B had a different approach.

If you goofed, he used to walk past you and put a small toy shark in your hand.

You couldn't give it back until you had worked out what you had done and fixed it.

The worse part was going to him to say you didn't know what you had done.

It was interesting to see how we all upped our game to avoid being given a child's toy.

It also created a management spirit where we helped each other avoid the shark.

Mr B understood people..

Understanding people is directly linked to results.

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Stephen Bates

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