S Bates, November 1 2019

Is it Ever Okay To Be A Terrible Manager?


I know you might not want to admit it, but many people in management positions are not great managers.(Ask your staff if you are unsure of your abilities, they know)

But it is okay to be a poor manager if; you are a great leader instead.

Many of my Alpha clients are on the right side of the Innovator Zone of the Genius Zone model.

This makes them naturally inclined to think as a Leader but not as a Manager.

This is not a criticism; it's about working to your true skills.

But to make this work a right-sided leader needs

Managers who can make their ideas a realityManagers who have the skill and confidence to manage them tooThat's we focus on developing leaders and training the managers they need.

We look for people with the right thinking and skills for every position in the business, and it should be no different in management and leadership levels.

My clients report back that they not only use their time better; they also get better results.

And they love their new freedom to think because they have released themselves from day to day management issues.

The Alpha Programme is for leaders who want to lead, not manage.

Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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