S Bates, November 18 2019

Practical Mindset - Is it Okay To Have Money?


On the surface, this seems to be a stupid question to ask someone, especially if you’re asking a business person.

I usually start digging around this topic when I watch my clients block themselves from doing something they are capable of doing.

Usually, this is around the topics of marketing and sales.

"Who am I to deserve this amount of money" is being whispered inside their head.

Putting a limit of the amount of money we believe we are worth is extremely common.

In salaried people, our value is determined by whoever sets the pay scale.But, this happens in business owners and entrepreneurs too.

What we believe we are worth has a powerful influence on our behaviour.

The reason I call this Practical Mindset is that our thinking dictates all of our actions and results.

Change your thinking and your behaviour changes.

My client thought they hated selling.

Actually, they were scared of the consequences of having money.

As a child, money equated to arguments and conflict.

Their brain was trying to help them avoid pain and loss.

Their childhood experiences were running their sales strategy.

Mindset controls everything we do.

Is your thinking accidentally blocking you?

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