S Bates, October 31 2019

So, You Think You Are A Positive Person, Are You Sure?


A student walked out of my course in shock saying

"I need time to think about this."

Everything they had been doing at work had just been rocked to the core.

They were the senior coach and development officer at a large company, and they prided themselves on being the most positive person around.

But they were shocked to discover that they were overwhelming motivated by what they didn't want.

When we use negative motivation.

We are less ambitious in our goalsWe approach their execution more cautiouslyWe are not as creativeWe are more stressedWe pass this style onto our teams

Both forms of motivation are valuable.

It's perfect for solving problems.

But when it's time to set real goals, it's the wrong type.

This is also the core component of Level 3 thinking I mentioned last week.

Ask yourself these questions when you think of an important goal

Do you worry about failing more than succeeding?

Why is this goal important to you?

If you answer with something like

"I don't want..."

Then you are using negative motivation.

How do your teams approach their goals?

Do you need them to be more positive too?

Results change when the motivation changes.

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Written by

S Bates

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