S Bates, July 17 2019

The MUST HAVE Skills Your Managers Need Right Now


Managing is one of the most complicated roles in business. The skills and knowledge needed are vast, but we don't often sit down and think about what they are.

In this short video, I will list out the MUST HAVE skills and knowledge your managers need to ensure they can run your projects and teams successfully.

We all know that many projects stumble or fall because the team leaders skills are not up to the task.

I will quickly give you a massive insight into why some of your projects and people are underperforming and how to fix the problem.

Stephen Bates


Are You An Alpha?

Alphas like to design and control their life. They are ambitious and are highly driven to achieve. They are leaders, and they take the risks that the majority won't.

Are You A Trapped Alpha?

Trapped Alphas have all the drive and ambition of an Alpha, but they are blocked from taking the action they are capable of. They can be trapped by their doubts or by the circumstances they find themselves in.


Written by

S Bates

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