S Bates, November 14 2019

This Is Not An Advert. It's A Progress Report


We have all seen the adverts when coaches promise 10x results.

And I wouldn't blame you of being sceptical of such promises.

This is not a promise; it's a real progress report.

A 10x return on investment in just five weeks.

This is the reported ROI from a client after completing LESS THAN HALF of the Alpha Programme.

How Did He Achieve These Results?

Improving his leadership and management skills

Learning how people think and make decisions

Improving his communication and negotiation skills

And a lot more.


We have never met.

All this has been achieved over What's App.

With an 11 hour time difference thrown in as well.

And, I have never spoken to or worked directly with his team.


The most powerful results tool is the application of knowledge.

I gave him the knowledge and helped him apply it.

This is the purpose of the Alpha Programme.

To improve the skills of the leader to leverage the abilities of the team.

This is why we work top-down.

I wonder what ROI he will achieve by the end of the twelve weeks?

What could you achieve in twelve weeks?

Contact me if you would like similar results.(this is the advert bit)

Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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