S Bates, July 4 2019

What Have Dancing Tango And Leadership Got To Do With Each Other?

Having danced Tango for almost ten years, I have realised how similar being a leader in a tango dance is to leading a business.

In Tango, the follower is not subservient to the leader, but for them to dance at their best, they need clear instructions.

Tango, like life, is improvised.

The leader has to assess the skills of their follower, decide what to do, be in time to the music and watch out for everyone else around them.

If they don't, things won't go well.

Leadership Lessons from Tango

No leadership - you might have the most talented followers, but if you don't give them any direction they won't do anything.

Safe leadership - the golden rule, if you make them feel unsafe they will avoid dancing with you.

Hesitant leadership - the moment you hesitate they will pick up on it.

Egotistical and bullying leadership - they will hate you, and your reputation will be mud.

Lead what they can follow - don't ask them to do something they can't do. Help them to succeed.

Passionate and inspirational leadership - Show the passion and the human side that drives you.

Enjoyable leadership - make them feel good about themselves, and what they are doing, and they will come back for more.

Stephen Bates


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S Bates

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