S Bates, November 15 2019

Why Do People Crave Confident Leadership?


The single biggest reason why people want to follow an able and confident leader is RISK.

Most people don't like to take risks.

We like to think we do, but most people want someone else to go first.

You only have to look at the most popular stories in history to see that most have a heroic figure that stood up and battled to overcome enormous odds and create success.

This is why superhero films are so popular.

It's also why we love to see someone overcome their fear and win the heart of their true love.

Ultimately, the ability to overcome fear is about looking in the mirror and being proud of yourself.

Leaders want to say, "I did that."

Developing Leaders

Companies and people want confident and competent leaders.

They need and want people who they believe will make them successful (and keep them safe) as they go into new and scary territory.

If you want your people to do more, you have to go first.

If not, they will hold back, leave to find someone they can believe in orgo after your job because they think they can be a better leader than you.

Are you are a leader who needs to be bolder?

Ask me about the Alpha Programme.

We develop confident and competent leaders.

Stephen Bates

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S Bates

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