S Bates, July 18 2019

Why This Picture Should Make You Positively Annoyed


Why This Picture Should Make You Positively Annoyed

Last week I posted a video on getting Positively Annoyed.

Watch it here if you missed it. (https://certainchange.co.uk/blog/time-to-get-a-little-positively-annoyed) 

The video was about acting positively if you were annoyed by something, rather than just getting annoyed.

What is the point of running a business if you are not reaping the rewards of doing so?

How many times have you taken big risks or worked crazy hours to make it work?

How many times have you thought

"Is this all bloody worth it?"

Running your own business is hard and often a little scary. Ybe ou should be reaping the rewards of choosing such a difficult path.

Something I advise my clients is to remember to design and run their business with them in mind as well as their clients.

This is something that is easily forgotten in the heat of battle!

So why the picture of the pool?

Because a few years I got annoyed when I realised I still had the mentality of an employed person regarding holidays.

Seven days, ten days or maybe 14 days away?

How many weeks away are you 'allowed'?

So I re-designed my business to be able to work from anywhere in the world.

Now I can work with my clients from anywhere I choose, as long as there is that magical thing called the internet available.

Someone asked me recently, "how do your clients react when you tell them you are on your sun lounger?.

My clients love it because they are Alphas.

So why this post?

I have just booked my 4 week summer holiday where I will be working (when needed) from my holiday home in Cyprus.

If you are an Alpha, you will be smiling and thinking about how you are already writing your own rules.

If you are a Trapped Alpha, you may be getting annoyed with yourself at what you should have done.

(Get in touch if you are fed up with being trapped)

If you are not an Alpha, you probably think I'm a smug git.

Stephen Bates


Releasing Trapped Alphas

Are You An Alpha?

Alphas like to design and control their life.

They are ambitious and are highly driven to achieve.

They are leaders, and they take the risks that the majority won't.

Are You A Trapped Alpha?

Trapped Alphas have all the drive and ambition of an Alpha, but they are blocked from taking the action they are capable of.

They can be trapped by their doubts or by the circumstances they find themselves in.

Are you a Trapped Alpha?

Written by

S Bates

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