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Sabotage Loops can affect anyone at any level.

Entrepreneurs, experts in their fields and corporate leaders alike.

We make sure these talented and skilled people get in control of their sabotage thinking so they can break free of their sabotage behaviour.

The Business & Revenue Loop

The most common Sabotage Loop starts with under-valuing your skills and talents.

We work with many people who excessively doubt themselves and the skills they have.

This sabotage thinking leads to these painful and expensive behaviours.






Their excessive and unnecessary fear and doubt stop them from asking for the correct fee.

It stops them from telling the world how good they are, and it blocks them from going for the right level of client or role.

This means they have financial stress they shouldn’t have.

They are frustrated that they can’t provide for their families in the way they want and live with the feeling of knowing they are not living up to the level they know they could.

The painful irony is that most people damage their businesses, careers and the rewards because of thinking created well before they ever went into business.


Is this you?

Do you recognise yourself?


We can fix this painful and expensive problem.

This is what we are experts at. Making sure that you break your Sabotage Loop so you can excel in your field and receive the revenue and rewards you deserve.

40% of people chronically sabotage their businesses and careers.

Is it time you got yourself out of this group?

What is your Sabotage Loop costing you?

The Business Sabotage Loop

The 40% applies to your clients and teams as well.

Whether as a consultant or programme or service provider.

Or as the leader of your own company or within a corporate structure,

40% of your clients and team WILL self-sabotage.  

40% will try to sabotage themselves as they progress through your programme and not take the action you recommend,

And 40% of your team will hold themselves back from doing what you need them to do.

These clients will damage your reputation and results.

Their Sabotage Loop is controlling your reputation and results.


If you don't like the idea of this, book in a call, and we will show you how this expensive problem can be quickly solved.

A word about your clients and teams.

Book a call here to break your Revenue Loop.

Stop your clients and team from sabotaging your results here

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