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Do you get a huge kick out of helping people solve their problems and achieve their goals?

Would you like to do this as your job?

Would you like to have the freedom and control in your life to work, when you want, from where you want and with whom you want?


Become An Extremely Skilful Coach

Personally Trained By Stephen


There are far too many people who need help than I can handle on my own.

This is why I love to train Coaches.

There is a huge need for highly skilled coaches who know how to get to the heart of a person's problems and help them solve them quickly, so they can move on to achieve the results they want.

I also need coaches who want specialise in dealing with different problems.

There is no shortage of important issues people need help with.

Each Unblock My Brain Coach has the freedom and control to choose who they want to work with and what problems they want to help people solve.

Imagine being able to choose the work you love to do so you feel that you have done something significant with your time.

Would you love to help me help release these people from their pain and create a very satisfying business for yourself at the same time?

If you do, click on the button below, book a call we can get your training started.


A Very Different Approach That Works!

Do You Love Helping People?

Unblock My Brain Coach Training

Whenever we start something new, we always have things that pop in our head which needs answers.

Have no fear!

We have trained many successful coaches who have had the same thoughts as you.

They often came with concerns about their ability to be a great coach, how to find clients, how to start their coaching business while still employed, where they should work from and about how much should they charge?

These are all sensible questions to answer but don't let them stop you from doing what you would love to do.

Just ask them.

When you book your application call, remember to ask your questions, and we will tell you how we have helped the coaches who came before you, answer them too.

After 20 years of training coaches, we know that there are many ways of creating a successful coaching business.

This may be new to you, but it's not new to us.

So, make a list of your questions and then you book your call.

Just click on the button below, and I will look forward to speaking to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click Here To Apply To Become A Unblock My Brain Coach

Click Here To Apply To Become A Unblock My Brain Coach

A little over 25 years ago, I became very puzzled by something extraordinary.

As a young Physiotherapist, I noticed that a large number of my clients did not do everything they could to help themselves get out of pain.

If they had done the simple things I suggested, they would have got better faster, been in less pain and would have needed fewer treatment sessions.

My years of training had not prepared me for this!

This thought would not leave me.

"If so many people sabotage their recovery and health,

where else in life do we do this?"

The answer, of course, is everywhere.

That was when I started my mission to understand and solve this problem. I was fascinated by it, and it has been my life's work ever since.

You will be taught how to get to the cause of their problem exceptionally quickly.

And then most importantly, to understand why they have kept repeating this problem and then help them turn this thinking off in a very short amount of time.

I only teach what works. I have tested and improved this simple and easy to learn system over many years and with hundreds of people.

It works, and it get results extremely quickly in comparison to other models of therapy and coaching.

Only minutes to diagnose the problem and

just weeks to create massive change.


The Unblock My Brain Coach Training

is a 12 week programme.

You will be working with me every week to make sure you know your stuff

and can help your clients quickly and easily.


Do you love helping people?

Would you love to create a flexible and highly rewarding business?

Would you love to work from anywhere and with anyone, anywhere in the world?


Then click on this link and book in a call with me to ask your questions and to become an Unblock My Brain Coach.


I have just spent an amazing time with Stephen, after just one session he cleared huge long-standing professional blockages.

He was challenging, insightful and offered “intelligent” support.

I highly recommend him as an amazing Coach and Business Adviser.

It was a unique and amazing experience.

Jane Clare - France

This is a whole new way of thinking.

It just makes sense.

I see my clients behaviours in a completely different way now.

It's so easy, it's ridiculous.



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