How To Team

If we are honest about something fundamental and incredibly important to every business, we would have to recognise that many people are not very good at working with others.


Many people don't like working in a team.


When you look at your workforce, it would not be an exaggeration to say that 50% of people fall into this category.

They would prefer to work on their own if they could and having to work as part of a team is not something they are particularly skilful at.

In fact, working in a team can be quite stressful for them.

But no business can be successful if up to 50% of its people are not good at working with their colleagues.

How To Team is designed to deal with this big problem.

On completing How To Team, they will not only be much more knowledgeable and skilful, but also have a much better understanding of why and how people work in such a different way to them.

They will have learnt different ways to communicate and will be better equipped to handle disputes and negotiate their point of view.


Core topics included in the training:

- What is a team and what makes it so valuable?

- Playing in Your Genius Zone

- Creating a Balanced Team

- The 3 Levels of Problem Solving

- The Hierarchy of Solutions

- Solution Thinking

- Making Great Decisions

- Understanding Group Dynamics

- Problems, Goals and Motivation

- Communication and Influencing Skills

- Working Together

- Dealing with Conflict

- Negotiation Skills

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"His approach has enabled me to recognise my true capabilities."- IT - London

"He is also very good at listening to people and explaining things in a simple way that everyone can understand."- HN - Essex

A Few Of Our Happy Clients

"Stephen is very confident and passionate in his subject matter and has the ability to explain and transfer knowledge to people with ease."- KL - Buckinghamshire

"Stephen has an incredible ability to get to the 'root cause' of the problem/issue in a quick and calming manner, overcoming all obstacles/barriers (nowhere to hide) and then tackling the required change head on in an effective way but clearly explaining and then asking permission to change behaviour at all times."- TR - Cardiff

"I would highly recommend Stephen for anyone who is ready to acknowledge their true ability and change their way of living for the better."- PJ - Hertfordshire

”Stephen has cherry picked the best of his training and teaching and delivered it in a personal and understandable way. Perfect for both business and personal use”. – SL

"It is Stephen's passion and belief in what he does that makes him so good at his job."- SJ - Bedfordshire

"Stephen has a unique and very effective approach to unlocking human potential."- BJ - Birmingham

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