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Leaders and managers are the core of any business but great ones are the lifeblood of a companies success.

It is very common for most people who hold a leadership and management role to never had any training to do this most important of role to the best of their ability.

The Management Accelerator Programme is designed to quickly give your people the skills they need to make their teams deliver the results the business needs.


The Management Accelerator

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Two Useful Options

If you want to immediately start improving your leadership and management skills then you can purchase a single user licence using the button on the right.

If you want to start training more than one person, or want to know more about running a pilot programme, then please use the button on the left and book a discovery call with us.

  • Would you like your managers to have an exeptional people skills?
  • Would you like a programme that gives tangible ROI quickly back into the business?
  • Would you like to start training your people within 24hrs of making the decision?
  • Would you like to keep them in the office and working on the business while they train?
  • Would you like them to complete their training and be using their new skills in just 6 weeks?
  • Would you like to hugely reduce the logistical, managerial and financial costs associated with traditional training methods?
  • Do you wish to be able to train as many or as few people as you choose, whenever you choose?
  • Would you like to be able to train everyone to the same standard no matter where they are, even across the world?
  • Would you like to purchase a training that continually supports your people even after the training formally finishes?

Who in your business needs an upgrade in their leadership and management skills?

The Management Accelerator brings more than 15 days of classroom teaching to the student without them ever having to leave the office.

Plus each delegate is supported with 1:2:1 coaching sessions on the topics they want assistance with.

If you need to quickly enhance the skills of your most valuable people then please

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Once you have joined the Management Accelerator programme we will be in contact to help get you started and the get best out of the programme.



A Few Of Our Happy Clients

"I live in Canada and still use Stephen (even though it costs me double with the exchange rate) because I have never found anyone since, who is as good at what he does."- KB - Canada

”Engaging and thought provoking course that will enable me to make more informed decisions that are right for me as well as supporting others back in the business to do the same. I know that I will continue to learn long after the course has finished as I practise techniques”. -KS

"A genuine interest in others. Gives people the time they need. Able to 'read' people so very well. Wants to achieve the best."- SD - Switzerland

"He also uses real examples of cases of people he's worked with, and how his techniques have helped them."- LM - France

"He has a very professional manner and a very high degree of integrity."- AB - Buckinghamshire

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