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40% of people sabotage to a chronic level.

Most have been doing it for years, causing devastating effects to their personal lives.

Personal Sabotage Loops

We have never worked with anyone whose Sabotage Loop did not affect both their personal and working lives.

It can damage your relationships, confidence and health just as easily as it does your business, career and income.

Living with excessive fear, doubt and anxiety are all too common.

Unfortunately, the 40% statistic applies just as much to people’s personal lives as it does to their business, work and career.

Indeed, it was observing how people sabotaged their health that first I saw the damage a Sabotage Loop could create.

Time to break free?

They are not malicious; they don’t intend to harm us, but they cause colossal damage by mistake.

They make people doubt their sanity as much as they rob people of their self-worth and confidence.

They give the illusion of control while spinning us out of control.

Many people report that it feels that there are two people inside their heads battling for control of their lives.

The real them, which wants to get on with life, with the other side holding them back.

This sabotage thinking accidentally stops us from going after and achieving our goals.

It stops us from even thinking about having goals at all.

Book in a call if you know you should not be living like this.

Sabotage Loops are created by accident

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