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Run A Pilot Programme

Running a pilot programme is an excellent way to make sure you are bringing the right programme, in the right way, to your company.

Partner with us on a Pilot Programme

Remove the risk of commissioning a big project by running a Pilot Programme with us first.

We will help you analyse your problem, listen to your goal, advise you on the best solution and then design a pilot before you have to commit to a full scale programme.

Please book a call to discuss what you need and how to set up a pilot with us.

Reduce The Risk


Especially if

- People development and training is new or unusual in your organisation

- Budgets are tight and return on investment is essential

- The provider is new to your company

- You want to test the contents of the programme

- You want to check the reaction of your people to training

- You wish to get feedback before starting the full plan

- You want to test the roll-out process before launching the full programme


"He listens and gets results."- BC - London

A Few Of Our Happy Clients

"His ability to burrow through to the root of an issue until you've teased out the solution is amazing."- GR - Suffolk

"He is thorough, expert, flexible, conscientious, a fantastic communicator and does what ever it takes to get the results you need."- TY - Buckinghamshire

"I live in Canada and still use Stephen (even though it costs me double with the exchange rate) because I have never found anyone since, who is as good at what he does."- KB - Canada

"It's easy to underestimate what a clear perspective can do and, along with his experience and focus, Stephen has really made me see what can be achieved. I now feel I have the beginnings of a strategy in place and know how to form the rest of it and put it into action."- MB - Northants

"He is patient, but determined and takes little nonsense or hot air, giving you total responsibility for your actions and results."- TW - Hertfordshire

“Stephen's Method is simple, fast and brutally efficient. Decisions, blocks and troubled people can be very time consuming – you won’t find a faster tool to use than this”. – RS

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