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Performance and p roductivity created from well-being

Stress is one of the biggest but least spoken about problems in business.

Stress is very damaging for the individual, the teams they work in and the business as a whole.

But there is something that can be done.

Stress can be reduced and well-being restored if you understand how stress is created.


15,400,000 days lost in the UK last year from stress, depression anxiety 


Shocking Statistics

- 595,000 people suffered from work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017 - (HSE -Work related stress statistics 2017/18)

- 15.4 million days were lost in the UK last year due to stress, depression or anxiety - (HSE -Work related stress statistics 2017/18)

- 49% of all working days lost due to ill health were due to stress, depression or anxiety - (Labour Force Survey 2016/17)

- The average time away from work is 25.8 days for stress, depression or anxiety. Much higher than the national average for other absence of 16.5.  - (HSE -Work related stress statistics 2017/18)

- High earners (>£40,000) are the most likely to experience work related stress - (2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey)

- 25% struggle to be as productive at work and 22% feel disengaged from their job when stressed - (2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey)

- Stress-related absence is estimated to have cost over UK £26 billion last year

- 45% of UK workers say that their place of work does not have anything in place to help reduce employees’ stress levels and improve their mental wellbeing - (2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey)

- 70% of employees don't tell anyone they are stressed



Core topics:

- Why is understanding stress so useful for everyone?

- What is stress and why does it happen?

- How do we accidentally create stress?

- Stop the over thinking and over feeling

- What is Emotional Logic and why does it cause so many problems

- How do you choose to not be stressed?

- How do you deal with the 3 dangerous emotions?

- How do you use your emotions to help you reduce stress and improve your performance?

- What is the biggest cause of stress? A very useful thing to know for managers and staff alike.

- Certainty, self-esteem and confidence

- Which of the two forms of control creates stress and which one creates productivity and results?

- The fastest way to deal with over whelm


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‍‍The Stress OUT! Programme


A practical and effective solution for the whole company:

- A solution for everyone, at every level

- Private and confidential

- Efficient and flexible solution

- No time away from the office

- Extremely cost effective

- Low time commitment

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If you wish to bring the Stress OUT! programme to your company, please book a Discover Call with us and we will be happy to help you reduce the stress and improve the productivity of your team.

Run A Pilot Programme

If you think that many of your people would benefit from reducing their stress levels, but you want to be sure of getting a great return on your investment before rolling out a full programme, then please ask us about running a pilot programme with you.



A Few Of Our Happy Clients

"Stephen really made it easy to think along the right lines and start to form a path to follow."- LP - Devon

"You go to Stephen to learn about yourself, you can't "BS" and you can't hide."- WD - Hertfordshire

"Gets you to face in to the issue/objective/problem quickly. You might not like how you are feeling/what is being said but it is said to help not hinder."- JG - Hertfordshire

”Interesting and very thought provoking training, has thrown a different spin on my view of the world and the possible reasons and motivation for the behaviour of those around me and indeed myself. Infinite possibilities to use the skills and concepts learned! Fantastic!”. – VMB  

"I am yet to come across anyone else quite like him, or with his depth of understanding."- YD - Scotland

"Stephen really made it easy to think along the right lines and start to form a path to follow."- LP - Devon

"His ability to work with people to resolve major issues, business or personal, as well as to bring out and develop their capabilities and skills is truly outstanding, though generally achieved without you even noticing most of what he does."- FM - London

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