Performance and productivity created from well-being

Stress is one of the biggest but least spoken about problems in business.

Stress is very damaging for the individual, the teams they work in and the business as a whole.

But there is something that can be done.

Stress can be reduced and well-being restored if you understand how stress is created.


15,400,000 days lost in the UK last year from stress, depression anxiety 


Shocking Statistics

- 595,000 people suffered from work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017 - (HSE -Work related stress statistics 2017/18)

- 15.4 million days were lost in the UK last year due to stress, depression or anxiety - (HSE -Work related stress statistics 2017/18)

- 49% of all working days lost due to ill health were due to stress, depression or anxiety - (Labour Force Survey 2016/17)

- The average time away from work is 25.8 days for stress, depression or anxiety. Much higher than the national average for other absence of 16.5.  - (HSE -Work related stress statistics 2017/18)

- High earners (>£40,000) are the most likely to experience work related stress - (2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey)

- 25% struggle to be as productive at work and 22% feel disengaged from their job when stressed - (2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey)

- Stress-related absence is estimated to have cost over UK £26 billion last year

- 45% of UK workers say that their place of work does not have anything in place to help reduce employees’ stress levels and improve their mental wellbeing - (2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey)

- 70% of employees don't tell anyone they are stressed


Core topics:

- Why is understanding stress so useful for everyone?

- What is stress and why does it happen?

- How do we accidentally create stress?

- Stop the over thinking and over feeling

- What is Emotional Logic and why does it cause so many problems

- How do you choose to not be stressed?

- How do you deal with the 3 dangerous emotions?

- How do you use your emotions to help you reduce stress and improve your performance?

- What is the biggest cause of stress? A very useful thing to know for managers and staff alike.

- Certainty, self-esteem and confidence

- Which of the two forms of control creates stress and which one creates productivity and results?

- The fastest way to deal with over whelm


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