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I coined the term Sabotage Loop when I noticed through years of working with smart, knowledgeable and talented individuals, that many of them were unintentionally and unconsciously sabotaging the results they easily could have achieved.  

Many were highly driven entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who had big goals and aspirations which were well within their capabilities. But, they kept stopping themselves from hitting the goals they so easily could have achieved.

This had created a self-perpetuating loop of creating big goals which were then destroyed by their sabotage thinking.

On and on it would loop, causing not only huge pain and frustration, but also a having devastating effects on their business and personal lives.

What Is A
Sabotage Loop?

They knew they were doing it.Most people know when they are getting in their own way.

They know they are damaging their revenue, businesses and even their personal lives, but much to their frustration and confusion, they still keep doing it

That is why it is a Loop.

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And why is it so dangerous and damaging?

But the most frustrating thing was...

Our frustration comes from both wanting to free ourselves from it but at the same time wanting to keep it.

If this rings true but does not make any logical sense, then don't worry, you are entirely right, it doesn't.

Sabotage Loops are accidentally created to try an help us. It's a mistake which our brains can all too easily make.

This is why 40% of people have a Sabotage Loop.

Have you had enough of the damage your accidental loop has caused?

Is it time to break the Loop once and for all?

Book in a call here and we will show you how you can do this in a few short weeks.

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