Developing Alphas

What Is An Alpha?


"Stephen is so good at what he does because of his realism and his honesty."- JS - Scotland

A Few Of Our Happy Clients

"He keeps it simple and sticks with it til you get there too. He's not afraid to persist, keeps his eye on the prize and doesn't care about being liked (unless that's part of how to get there). He's good at seeing what is going on and is prepared to say it how it is."- LF - London

"Stephen is an invaluable guide and catalyst for change, just the ticket if you need to adjust your direction and upgrade yourself."- SG - Dubai

”I really enjoyed the course. I found it gave me a deeper insight into how we make decisions and the role of emotions in our thinking. It's given me the tools to help my clients/customers even more and helped me understand my own behaviour. Well worth the three days – you get so much out of it”. – MP

"He listens and gets results."- BC - London

"A complex subject is described in an easy and understandable way and so it all makes sense."- PG - Lancashire

"He has a very professional manner and a very high degree of integrity."- AB - Buckinghamshire

Alpha is the term we give to business leaders who don't like to be followers.

Alphas are found in businesses of every size and at different levels depending on their experience and belief in themselves.

They can be already leading a business or be at C-suite level.

They may be eager to break through to a higher leadership level.

And of course, they may want to make the jump to starting their own business.


Alphas are both male and female. (This has nothing to do with the Alpha Male cliche.)


They take more risks than most, and they like to define how they want to live.

Alphas are very strong-minded, highly driven and frequently very stubborn.

These are some of the core qualities which make an Alpha an Alpha, though they frequently have trouble asking for help.

We use the term Trapped Alpha when an Alpha is not hitting the goals and results they are capable of achieving.

Alphas can become trapped in many different ways.

If you recognise at least one of the situations below, please get in touch, we can help you.

Thinking and Mindset

Alphas are human too.

They can doubt their abilities, just like anyone else.         But because of their high ambitions, the internal conflict in their thinking can be stronger than average.

These doubts and fears often surface when it is time to make an important career or business decision.

We are very experienced at helping unblock Alphas trapped by their doubts and fears.

Skills and Knowledge

Sometimes an Alpha becomes trapped because they are missing essential skills and knowledge which their career pathway up to this point, has not given them.

This often happens when they are rising through the ranks or are starting or scaling their own business.

We assess what skills you need, and create a plan to help you quickly gain them.

One new piece of information or skill can make all the difference.

Company Structure and Organisation

It is not uncommon for Alphas to be trapped by the structure and operational processes of the business they are in, whether it is their own business or as a leader within a corporation.

We have helped many Alphas reorganise the structure of their organisation to allow them to work at their correct level. This is a critical step that is often overlooked in development work.

We will help you design a structure that allows you to work at your best.

The Skills Of Their Team

One of the most frustrating and common traps that Alphas face occurs when the skills and knowledge of their staff are not sufficient to allow the Alpha to stay above the day to day running of the company.

To release the Alpha to work at their true level, they need to be fully supported by the people around them.

The first and most important place to start is with the leaders management team.

We make sure your team are skilled enough to support your ideas, goals and ambitions.

Releasing Trapped Alphas

Ask About The Alpha Programme

The Alpha Programme is our core leader development programme.

The programme created to focus on two things,

your development and an important project of your choice.

We work on both you and a real project to create the greatest possible result and ROI.


No Alpha Programme is the same.

Every programme is tailored to your unique situation and development needs.

The first step is a simple conversation with us to start diagnosing what is right for you.


If you know that you are capable of far more, and that your career and business depends on you being at your best, then please contact us to discover more about the Alpha Programme.




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