Alpha is the term we use for people thought to have a higher than average drive to succeed.

They hate the idea of failing.

They are people who like to lead, and they are typically found in the Innovator Zone of the Genius Zone Model.

A Trapped Alpha is someone who has the drive of an Alpha but is blocked by either an internal conflict or by the environment they are working in.

We release Trapped Alphas so they can fully use their drive and skills.


Trapped Alphas

Who We Help


The Scale-Up Business

Every scale-up businesses have to make the tricky transition from start-up, through scale-up to be a mature business.

Innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers start most companies.

Most of these people fall naturally on the right side of the Innovator Zone.

This means while they are great innovators, they are not natural managers.

This can create two dangerous problems for the owner and the business.

The owner can easily get caught up in too many day to day management activities as they try to create the management processes their company needs to scale.

But, if they are not a natural managerial thinker, they will not be the right person to do this critical task, and it will take them away from driving the company forward, which is what they do best.

This is why so many businesses with high potential fail to make this critical transition.

We help the owner make this transition.


Sales Teams

Most people think that salespeople are highly driven and self-motivated.

Whilst you hope they are, they are also human too.

They have doubts and fears like anyone else.

But on top of this, they have to deal with high pressure and rejection daily.

This is why they need great leadership.

For salespeople to hit their numbers, they need a balance of negative and positive motivation.

They need to be continuously challenged without killing their motivation.

This takes excellent skills from the leader.

But, sales teams need managing as well.

Which gives us the classic sales team problem?

We want salespeople to push hard to get the numbers, but we also want them to do the paperwork and record data in the CRM system.

We understand sales teams.

We are great at helping their leaders get the best out of them.

(NB). If you have a driven salesperson who also thinks like a natural manager, hold onto them, they are rare and very valuable.


Managers Ready To Be Directors

In every company, there are managers who are ready to make the transition to a leadership position.

These will be managers who are not natural managers but are natural leaders and innovators.

We help them make this critical transition.

Sometimes the manager seeks out our help independently.

Sometimes it is their Director wanting their managers to think more strategically.

We help people make the jump from thinking like a manager to thinking like a director.



Technology Companies

On top of the situations I have already mentioned, two other important issues can happen in any business but hit technical companies hard.

The first is around people skills.

While it can be a bit of a cliché, many people who study for many years to be great in their chosen field often have not spent as much time learning people skills.

But, while every company would prefer natural managers with great people skills to be running their teams, in reality, managers are chosen because their teams need to be run by someone with high technical skills and knowledge.

Who in your management team needs their managerial and people skills bringing up to the level of their technical skills?


Most Leaders and Managers don't have any training or development.

We can bring high-level leadership and management training without your key people ever having to leave the office.

We can also develop multi-site teams and with people across the globe.

Leadership and Management Development is one of the best and fastest ways to produce a great return on investment for the company.

Who in your company is running a team or division who could produce higher returns from have better skills?


Mature Companies

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