Solving A Big Problem

At every level of business there is a simple but a largely hidden issue that impacts people's effectiveness and the results of the company.

It happens in every size and type of business. It happens in the smallest sole trader, in the start up, in the scale up and in the largest multi-national.

But it is so common and such a normal part of business that we tend to overlook it and not recognise that it is even a problem, let alone such a big one. It's‍‍‍ frighteningly normal.


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How many jobs and tasks are you required to do and do well,  without really knowing how to do them?

Too many people are expected to be good at their job without good training and guidance.

Or in other words, how many things do you 'bluff' your way through?

The Alpha Programme is a fast intervention programme to help business owners and key executives get back in control of themselves, their people and their projects..

It is designed to coach and train critically valuable to work at their best so they can to hit the‍‍‍ targets they are responsible for‍‍‍.


Business Bites is an immensely flexible and scalable training system that can immediately help one individual with one topic or scale to cover a whole organisation with multiple programmes running for different groups.


‍‍‍Developing You and Your Team



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The Alpha Programme and the Business Bites modules allows training and development to be cascaded easily  to all parts and levels of the business.

Together they allow companies to quickly and easily implement training and development of key talent at the time it's identified and needed.

Real time solutions to solve real time problems..


Playing In your Genius Zone

The core aim of training is to make sure everyone is operating at their highest level  We call this the Genius Zone.

Most‍‍‍ people are not working in their Genius Zones enough. ‍‍‍We will help you make sure you and your team are.

As you are still here, here are some important questions to help you

1. How many times do you feel you are wasting time doing things that are below your pay grade and talents?

2. How many times do you feel uncomfortable because you are not confident in what you are doing?

3. How many things do you procrastinate over?

4. How many things do you bluff your way through and hope no one notices?

5. How many things need to go on this list but you have forgotten you do them?

The bigger the list, the more you are outside of your Genius Zone.

One last question...

What about your team, what would their list look like?