How often do you get in your own way?
I help business leaders, entrepreneurs and high achievers in business. To be confident and highly adaptable to make certain change when it is needed most. To be able to overcome the obstacles of your own perceptions about who you are, what you can do and deal confidently with these challenging times. To regain control when you need it most.

No matter how capable or successful you are there is always a time when you will doubt yourself and the best way to move forward. This is just being human. It can happen when things are going wrong and more surprisingly when things are going right.

This doubt creates stress, anxiety, frustration, self-sabotage and has a dangerous affect on decision making in this ever more disrupted and fast changing business world. It easily leads to uncertainty and procrastination. Interestingly it can create the opposite too. With rash decisions being made through fear rather than being well thought through and part of a considered strategy.

Disrupting yourself comes first
Even the most radical of human beings have limits to how they think. Certain Change helps you disrupt yourself, examine how you think and to find out what holds you back. I work privately and confidentially with a limited number of individuals, to provoke them to find and examine these limits so they can make great decisions in an ever more disrupted world.

Agile leadership is the key to business survival and success
The age of the agility is truly here. People and skills need to be channelled effectively, with ideas and new practices adopted quickly and efficiently.  Traditional hierarchies, mindsets and slow-moving implementation strategies are now business killers. I help facilitate executive-level strategy and decision-making on a bespoke consultancy basis.