The world desperately needs better leaders - or as we call them, 'Alphas'.

The Alpha Mindset is a complicated thing, a double edged sword.  It can create tremendous success, but huge damage if not well balanced. The self belief, passion and drive of the true Alpha is essential to achieving the goals they set, but can cause chaos too.

Alphas are venerated and cursed in equal measure. They have the capacity to inspire people to either follow or rebel, The world needs them, but they are human too.

Alphas are human too, what sort of Alpha are you?


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Do you recognise these Alpha traits?

  • You have a unrelenting drive to achieve.
  • You love to achieve, but other areas of your life can suffer.  
  • You get angry and frustrated with other people because they don’t think and work like you do.
  • You accidentally cause damage while you're working hard to succeed.
  • You know you need help, but often hesitate  to ask for it.
  • You know you can achieve far more, but frustratingly block yourself. (You are human too).

This is what we do

The Alpha Programme is designed to provoke genius leadership. By working with each Alpha to discover and understand their own unique Genius Zone, so that they can create maximum success and minimise the collateral damage that Alphas so often create.

Through The Alpha Cascade, we then show how to transmit their leadership and influence down through the hierarchy and across the web of their organisation.


Certain Change provokes you to disrupt yourself, to examine how you think and to find out what holds you back.

We work confidentially with a limited number of Alphas, as well as delivering learning programmes and facilitating executive-level strategy and decision-making.

Over 30 years of experience has led to the innovation of fast, high impact techniques that cut through what stops Alphas from achieving what they know they are capable of.

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