A Big Problem

At every level of business there is a simple but a largely hidden issue that impacts people's effectiveness and the results of the company.

It happens in every size and type of business. It happens in the smallest sole trader, in the start up, in the scale up and the largest multi-national.

But it is so common and such a normal part of business that we tend to overlook it and not recognise that it is even a problem, let alone such a big one. It's just normal.

So what is this problem?‍‍‍


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Too many people are expected to be good at their job without any good training and guidance.

Then we wonder why so many are underperforming or failing.

Most people are asked to be good at roles, jobs and tasks that they are not trained to do.

Worse still, the most talented and valuable in any company suffer from this more than anyone else.

Their very talent takes them frequently into new roles for which they are not prepared, both mentally and in skill set.

And because of their talent we expect them to be successful as fast as possible but with very little training and guidance.

The craziest part of this problem is that this is considered normal by lots of companies and the people who work in them.

Technical and skills training is often given at the Worker level but Leaders and Managers often miss out.

This is crazy because these Leaders and Managers influence every part of the every business

The impact a Leader or Manager has is huge, both for good and bad.


But it's a far deeper problem than just asking people to learn new skills or knowledge.. We ask them to shift their thinking about who they are and what they are comfortable and‍‍‍ confident in doing.


We ask Workers to become Managers, Managers to become Directors and a Director to become the new CEO. This is more than just a skill set shift, it's more than just gainin‍‍‍g new knowledge, it's a rethink in who they are and what they know and trust they can do.


This also happens when the shifing from being employed to starting your own company. It's the shift in thinking needed to take a company big or take it in a new direction when‍‍‍ its needed. It is the ability to think more strategically when you have made your name as a skilled tactical operator.


It's asking systems people to‍‍‍ become people managers and creative innovators to manage repetitive processes.

The examples are endless and we wonder why people struggle, become demotivated, not effective and on occasion cause chaos without meaning to.‍‍‍


But training alone won't achieve this problem. Something else is needed.

Talent and results are held back more by thinking than lack ‍‍‍of skills

Practical Mindset‍‍‍ Training and Skills and Knowledge Training Together


Training is often not e‍‍‍nough to create successful change. Training on its own often fails and on occasion can make things worse.

‍‍‍Training without the accompanying shift in thinking or mindset can make people go backwards rather than forwards.


That is why Practica‍‍‍l Mindset Training is always at the core of any training or coaching.


Developing Talent - Top Down, Bottom Up and Everywhere In Between‍‍‍


Every business has‍‍‍ talent at every level and in every department. And talent needs to be held onto and developed but who needs what help?


The Alpha Programme is designed for senior executives and our Business Bites modules allows training and development to be cascaded easily  to all parts and levels of the business. Together they allow companies to quickly and easily implement training and development of key talent at the time it's identified and needed. Real time solutions to solve real time issues and problems.


The Alpha Programme is for key individuals whose performance is critical to the business.


Business Bites‍‍‍ is an immensely flexible and scalable training system that can immediately help one individual with one topic or scale to cover a whole organisation ‍‍‍with multiple programmes running for different groups.





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