The world desperately needs better business leaders - or as we call them, 'Alphas'.  

Either you are leading the disruption or are being led by it. These are the rules of business in the 4th industrial age. No business, sector or industry is safe from someone rewriting the rules of play.  

We know that to take charge of disruption requires adaptability – on an individual, team and business level. But, this challenging environment presents our highly capable and successful business leaders with uncertainty, which in itself can lead to polarised thinking, inertia and compromised decision-making.  


Welcome to being human.  

Regardless of position, as humans, we are all susceptible to these traps. Only those who challenge themselves, their own status quo and what has made them successful so far, will truly gain control.  

‍‍‍My ‍‍‍mission is to help CEOs, top teams and entrepreneurs to achieve more by provoking genius leadership and showing them how to play in their Genius Zone.

Do you have an Alpha Mindset?

This is what we do

The Alpha Programme is designed to provoke genius leadership. By working with each CEO, business leader or owner individually, to discover and understand your own unique Genius Zone, so that you can create maximum success and minimise the collateral damage that Alphas so often create.

Through The Alpha Cascade, I then show you how to transmit you‍‍‍r leadership and influence down through the hierarchy and across the web of you‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍r organisation.


Certain Change provokes you to disrupt yourself, to examine how you think and to find out what holds you back.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍My mission is to help CEOs, top teams and entrepreneurs to achieve more, by showing them how to play in their Genius Zone and to cascade this through their organisation.  

I work confidentially with a limited number of CEOs and business owners, advising and facilitating executive-level strategy and decision-making. Over 30 years of experience has led to the innovation of fast, high-impact techniques that cut through what stops people from performing and creates entrepreneurial C-suites.

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