We work confidentially and exclusively with a limited number of CEOs, business leaders and owners, provoking you to examine how you think and how you operate so that you can push the boundaries of what you can achieve.


Are you ready for The Alpha Programme?

For a completely confidential call with Stephen, please complete this form  or call 0333 121 0013.

What The Alpha Programme does

The Alpha programme is designed solely to help you achieve more.

Clients on this programme always increase the size of the scope of the goals the aim for. They also improve their work-life balance. They also dramatically increase their understanding of who they are, what is really important to them, what they are capable of and how they differ from other people.

Through Stephen's knowledge of people, you will massively increase your understanding of yourself, how people around you think and how to discover what motivates or demotivates them.

This knowledge allows you to discover and consistently operate from their Genius Zone.

The Alpha Programme is highly responsive and adaptable to each individual. Working directly with Stephen Bates, the Alpha programme works on two levels simultaneously - your chosen initiative or challenge and yourself.

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