The Alpha Programme is for the talented and the ambitious.

We class an Alpha as someone who wants to create big results and has the drive to act on their goals. Many people have dreams and goals but the Alpha Programme is for people who are willing to act on them.

The Alpha Programme is a tailored coaching and training experience that works on two things simultaneously, you and your project.

The Alpha Programme provokes you to challenge and change the thinking and behaviours you need to change to achieve your‍‍‍ goals.


For the ambitious


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Previous Alphas whom we worked with on the Programme included:


- Successful company owners who needed and wanted to rapidly expand / restructure their businesses

- Senior directors / company owners with big goals to hit

- Directors transitioning into a new role

- Directors making the move to create their first company

- Alphas who wanted to stay healthy and married while achieving the above.

- All of the above who on occasion lost confidence ‍‍‍in themselves


The Alpha Programme is highly responsive and adaptable to each individual and business. Working directly with Stephen Bates, the Alpha programme works on two levels simult‍‍‍aneously - your chosen initiative or challenge and yourself.


Interested in The Alpha Program‍‍‍‍‍‍me?

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