Are Your Best People Secretly My Clients?

S Bates, August 16 2019

#UnblockYourPeople 94% of employees would stay longer if their company invested in their career. UK L&D Report 2018 94%, that's a big and scary number. If you invest wisely in your staff, they won't leave. They will stay, you will get your ROI as well as not having the pain of finding a replacement.

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Can I Change Your Mind About One Thing?

S Bates, August 15 2019

#UnblockYourPeople There is a sequence that has to happen to create a change in results. To change a result, you need a change in behaviour. And every change in behaviour starts with a shift in thinking. That is why ‘mindset’ is such an important thing, even if it has become a bit of a buzzword.

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Why Is It Essential To Work From The Top Down?

S Bates, August 14 2019

#UnblockYourPeople My ideal client would look like this. An unlimited training and development budget. All delegates to have all the time they need to work on their development. The company supports all development activities as a priority.

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My Massive Lesson At The Cost of Pride

S Bates, August 13 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Forgive me LinkedIn; I am human too. From time to time, it is good to get a lesson that helps you focus on the things that are easy to say, but we don't act on. Last week I wrote a series of posts about how damaging the fear of judgement was. Yesterday I got a big reminder to walk the walk on this.

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How To MINUS 2x Your Performance and Results Instantly!

S Bates, August 12 2019

#UnblockYourPeople I am sure you have seen all those marketing ads telling you how to 2x, 5x and 10x your business in an instant if you follow their unique formula. Well anyway... Please don't shoot the messenger, but you are probably NEGATIVELY doing this already. When working with a new client, the first thing we do after diagnosing the problem a...

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Mindset Week Part 5 - Breaking The Training Of Your Childhood

S Bates, August 9 2019

#UnblockYourPeople This is the final part of this week's look into the very damaging problem of fear of being judged. Who is in your head running your career and business? Your parents? A friend who knows nothing about your skills but will tell you what you should not do?

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Mindset Week Part 4 - Fantastic Things Happens When You Stop Hiding

S Bates, August 8 2019

#UnblockYourPeople The quote below came a client on our Alpha Programme. They joined because they didn't want things to get worse, and they knew they were capable of far more. A human beings normal reaction to fear and danger is to hide. And the fear of being judged is a very big fear for many people.

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Mindset Week Part 3 - Dad Please Help! Is This The Best Thing To Do?

S Bates, August 7 2019

#UnblockYourPeople "Please tell me I'm not a cliche and this is not about my parents." This was said to me by a client when we worked out why they were procrastinating over a decision. They were hesitating because they were trying to make sure no one would be angry with them. The fear of being judged again.

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Mindset Week - Part 2 - The First Rule Of Fight Club Is...

S Bates, August 6 2019

#UnblockYourPeople You don't talk about Fight Club. And you all know what happened, people talked, and the group exploded. Great marketing!

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Mindset Week - Part 1 - Are You Suffering From This Confidence And Career Killer?

S Bates, August 5 2019

#UnblockYourPeople What is the single biggest thought pattern that kills more ideas, actions, careers and businesses? If you had to guess what would you say? This week I am going to explain why this single concern does more damage than any other. I will show you how it combines with other damaging thought patterns and makes them even worse.

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