How To Make Your Leadership More Effective

S Bates, November 4 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Yesterday I watched a single lady destroy a leader's reputation in seconds. All she did was roll her eyes over the shoulder of the man who was leading her while they danced. She was giving feedback to her friends and anyone else who was watching.And he had no idea this was going on.

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Is it Ever Okay To Be A Terrible Manager?

S Bates, November 1 2019

#UnblockYourPeople I know you might not want to admit it, but many people in management positions are not great managers.(Ask your staff if you are unsure of your abilities, they know) But it is okay to be a poor manager if; you are a great leader instead. Many of my Alpha clients are on the right side of the Innovator Zone of the Genius Zone model...

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So, You Think You Are A Positive Person, Are You Sure?

S Bates, October 31 2019

#UnblockYourPeople A student walked out of my course in shock saying "I need time to think about this." Everything they had been doing at work had just been rocked to the core. They were the senior coach and development officer at a large company, and they prided themselves on being the most positive person around.

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How Do Successful People Use Confidence?

S Bates, October 30 2019

#UnblockYourPeople There is a core difference between successful people and those who strangle their success. They act. If you were expecting me to say that they are always confident, they aren't. They doubt like everyone else.

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Which Type Of Confidence Problem Do Do You Need To Solve?

S Bates, October 29 2019

#UnblockYourPeople We need confidence to act and, more importantly, to act happily and positively. When we don't feel confident, we hesitate and procrastinate. This is a costly problem for individuals and the businesses they work for. There Are Two Main Ways We Lose Confidence

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Practical Mindset For Logical and Results People

S Bates, October 28 2019

#UnblockYourPeople I once got told by another coach that I was "too logical" and that I "was too focussed on results." I needed to "embrace my client's soul more." While I respect that there are always other approaches and points of view. This guy was an idiot.

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What Has Your Confidence Problem Cost You?

S Bates, October 28 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Losing our confidence is a helpful and important thing to do. But, if you have suffered from a persistent confidence problem, you won't agree with me on this. The Right Time To Lose Confidence The right time to lose confidence is when we are close to making a decision.

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Do You Need Your Managers To Be Powerful Leaders Too?

S Bates, October 25 2019

#UnblockYourPeople For many people, there is a lot of confusion between leading and managing. They are entwined like the double helix spiral of DNA, but they are different. While I'm not going to go into the differences between the two, I do want to deal with the common issue of managers not taking more of a leadership role when their companies nee...

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How To Make Sure Your Projects Really Succeed

S Bates, October 24 2019

#UnblockYourPeople One of the most frustrating things in business is to see a great idea fail. It is even more puzzling and soul-destroying when you know the idea is a good one and it should have succeeded because everything seemed in place to make it work. The most common reason why good ideas fail to become a successful project is that they lacke...

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Are You A Trapped and Frustrated Level 3 Thinker?

S Bates, October 22 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Are you someone who has the talent of seeing opportunities when everyone else just sees problems? If so, you are a rare Level 3 thinker. And if you spend too much of your time thinking "why am I getting involved with this?" Then you are thinking below your paygrade.

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