And They Call These Soft Skills...

S Bates, March 16 2019

Soft skills maximise the value of hard skills. In this article, I'm going to explain the statement I just made to hopefully make you look at the phrase 'soft skills' in a completely different way. When I meet someone new, and we go through the "What do you do?" routine, one of the common comments I get is "so you do soft skills".

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Fantastic Business Lessons While At the Gym

S Bates, March 11 2019

Sometimes it takes an unusual situation to see something obvious, and this happened this morning as I started my warm-up at the gym. In front of me were about 50 people going through a high-intensity circuit class. There was a big range of abilities and fitness within the class. Some people were very fit, while others, were struggling right from th...

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