How To Make Your Teams Happier and Perform Better

S Bates, July 22 2019

#UnblockYourPeople In this weeks series of posts, I want to take you through the different reasons why your teams may not be performing as well could be and then what to do about to start improving things. Today we are going to start with the environment they work in. And when I say environment, I don't mean just the physical place they work; I als...

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Why Do People Dream But Not Act Positively?

S Bates, July 19 2019

#UnblockYourPeople If you have ideas and dreams which you are fuly capable of achieving but which that you won't let yourself act on then this video is for you. I will explain the most common reasons why we sabotage ourselves from doing what want to do and are able to do.If you are frustrated that your results are not what they should be then this...

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Why This Picture Should Make You Positively Annoyed

S Bates, July 18 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Why This Picture Should Make You Positively Annoyed Last week I posted a video on getting Positively Annoyed. Watch it here if you missed it. ( The video was about acting positively if you were annoyed by something, rather than just getting annoyed.

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The MUST HAVE Skills Your Managers Need Right Now

S Bates, July 17 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Managing is one of the most complicated roles in business. The skills and knowledge needed are vast, but we don't often sit down and think about what they are. In this short video, I will list out the MUST HAVE skills and knowledge your managers need to ensure they can run your projects and teams successfully.

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Confident Enough To Manage Your Most Important Projects?

S Bates, July 16 2019

#UnblockYourPeople A 2016 survey of 500 managers found that 44 per cent 'felt' unprepared for their role. Additionally, 87 per cent wished they'd had more training before becoming a manager. However, there is an extra problem we need to consider. Many people who are in a management position don't like managing.They are not Natural Managers.

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"We Have Done The Classic Thing With Our Managers"

S Bates, July 15 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Recently I had the delight of speaking with a prospective new client who said this to me. "We have done the classic thing with our managers". What surprised and delighted me was that she recognised what the classic problem was. And, not only did she recognise it, she was actively looking for a solution to fix the problem.

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How To Be Right More Often And What This Really Means

S Bates, July 12 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Why is it useful to be right more often? You get better results. This video looks at how to be right more often and why so many Alphas sabotage themselves from doing this very important thing. Best wishes

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Time To Get A Little Positively Annoyed!

S Bates, July 10 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Sometimes, getting annoyed is a really good thing. In this video, I am going to invite you to get annoyed but in a positive way. This video is especially if you are a business owner or leader, or if you have wanted to start your own business for a while but keep putting it off.

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Do You Have The 007 Leadership Problem?

S Bates, July 8 2019

#UnblockYourPeople This problem is one of the most common reasons why leaders, or Alphas as we call them, get stuck dealing with far too many day-to-day management tasks rather than doing what the company needs from you, your leadership. It is also one of the biggest reasons why companies don't manage to grow and scale.

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What Have Dancing Tango And Leadership Got To Do With Each Other?

S Bates, July 4 2019

Having danced Tango for almost ten years, I have realised how similar being a leader in a tango dance is to leading a business. In Tango, the follower is not subservient to the leader, but for them to dance at their best, they need clear instructions. Tango, like life, is improvised.

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