Increasing Engagement and Performance

We specialise in increasing engagement and performance in two specific situations.


1. An individuals engagement in their career or business.

2. Team engagement within a company.


Why Do We Focus On Engagement?


The answer is clear and backed up by compelling evidence.


When people are highly engaged, they work to a far higher standard and produce much better results.

This is true for individuals building their careers as well as teams within larger organisations.


Lack of individual engagement kills careers and earnings.

Lack of team engagement costs businesses a tremendous amount of money.


Creating higher engagement is the fastest way to solve these two different but connected problems.

For Individuals

It may seem surprising that an individual would need help to engage with their career or business, but it is a widespread and very destructive problem.

The human brain is designed to avoid risk more than it is intended to achieve dreams and goals.

It is evolution accidentally working against us.

That is why so many people work below their abilities and achieve smaller results than they could.

While healthy doubt and fear are essential to help us make better decisions, when it gets out of control, it kills careers and businesses.

We call this blocking.

We block ourselves from doing and achieving what we could.

We work with ambitious people who know they are blocking themselves, but can't stop themselves from doing it and are highly frustrated as a result.

We make sure our clients find and eliminate these blocks so they can

re-engage with their confidence and skills.

For Teams

When you increase the engagement of a whole team, amazing things happen.

Moral and team cohesion rise, innovation and focus skyrockets and results quickly improve.

But most companies don't have an active strategy to improve engagement.

And the people best placed to improve engagement don't know how to do so.

These are your managers.

They are in exactly the right place to monitor and work on their team's engagement.

If you want better results from your teams, these are the people to focus on.

We guarantee that we can very quickly upskill your managers to produce a ROI far higher than the investment in their development.

And we can do this without them ever having to leave the office.

Businesses are losing money they don't need to lose, and we make sure this stops.

Comments from our clients

"Because of this amazing knowledge that I now have, I have the self esteem to put myself at the top of my list when putting people in my life in order of importance. I know what I want. I now know how I think and I make decisions which are right for me because I completely understand my emotions, not because I am trying to please others and then beating myself up for making the wrong decision. The important thing to me is that I made the decision based on my values and beliefs, and no one else's. And of course I will make the wrong decision sometimes but that's ok, I'll listen to myself change my mind if that is what I need to do. And yes, my values and beliefs will change, sometimes instantaneously, however, the new ones will be as important as the values that were there previously."  

“I’ve never experienced this kind of training before or a trainer who works in a way whereby, you will not need to see him again because his intention is to help you breakthrough whatever has been holding you back, once and for all!   Have you had enough of whatever is holding you back?  Stephen is very direct and tells it as it is.  You will be questioned and challenged.  You will not like it because it will be very uncomfortable at times, but you will get through it and not only be both amazed and thankful to Stephen, but also, very excited about your future.  If, like me, you’re thinking the price is too expensive?  Ask yourself, “How much am I worth?”  If you knew this would be the last time you pay for counselling, buying self-help books/programmes/courses, getting off anti-depressant tablets, etc - how much would that be worth to you?  Imagine having peace of mind, your life back to live as fully as you please without whatever has been holding you back for years?  I think you know the answer - you’re worth it and more importantly, deserve it.   I’m glad I knew it and did it!” – DHW

"It's easy to underestimate what a clear perspective can do and, along with his experience and focus, Stephen has really made me see what can be achieved. I now feel I have the beginnings of a strategy in place and know how to form the rest of it and put it into action."- MB - Northants

”Just spent 3 mind bending days with Stephen, he is on a different level, his philosophies on logic and emotional logic are thought provoking, but once heard are surprisingly simple to register. I would advise anyone looking to up their game to the next level to attend this course.” -TS

"I would highly recommend Stephen for anyone who is ready to acknowledge their true ability and change their way of living for the better."- PJ - Hertfordshire

”I really enjoyed the course. I found it gave me a deeper insight into how we make decisions and the role of emotions in our thinking. It's given me the tools to help my clients/customers even more and helped me understand my own behaviour. Well worth the three days – you get so much out of it”. – MP

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