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Certain Change has at its heart, the sole aim of solving one core and immensely common human problem.

The problem is that most people stop themselves from working at their true level of ability.

Or in other words, we get in our own way and block what we really could do and achieve.

I first came across this problem 25 years ago. As a young Physiotherapist, I could not understand why so many people did not actively help themselves get better. Many seemed to do the very opposite of what they should have done.

They seemed to be sabotaging their recovery rather than helping it.

50% acted on my advice and got better faster, but 50% did not when they easily could have done.

They 'forgot' to do their exercises and kept doing the same things that caused or made their problem worse. If people in real physical pain were doing this, then where else do we do it?

This was the question that has shaped and directed my work since then.

The problem is, unfortunately everywhere.

Procrastination, decision paralysis, self-doubt, not using our skills and knowledge, not believing in our abilities, living in fear of making a mistake, or being judged is just as common in business as it is in our personal lives.It massively damages the results of businesses and individuals alike.

The fastest way to improve performance is to unblock the performance that is not being used and this is part one of what we do.

Leveraged Return On Investment

Creating a leveraged return on investment is the second part.

We know that most companies have limited budgets; therefore we focus on developing the critical people in your company, which if done in the right way, will create a far higher return than expected.

Train a manager, and you improve the productivity of their whole team, and the managers and teams that work alongside them.

Coach a director, and you can improve the productivity of hundreds of people as their new behaviour cascades through the company.

This is what we call leveraged ROI.

Unblock the abilities that aren't being used and deliberately focus them create a very high return on investment.

We achieve this through our four core programmes which are designed and delivered to produce the highest level of performance and productivity change.

The Alpha Programme - The senior executive development programme

The Management Accelerator - Creating the managers your teams need

How To Team - Increasing the effectiveness of your most important teams

The Stress Out Programme - Increasing productivity by reducing stress.

Best wishes

Stephen Bates

Hi, thank you for dropping in to view my profile and thank you for taking an interest in what we at Certain Change are all about.

The quick version boils down to two core things.

1. Improving the performance of your key people

2. Creating leveraged return on investment for your company

What we focus on and why



A Few Of Our Happy Clients

”I had been holding onto past experiences in my life which gave me deep routed sadness.  Since Stephen's training I've quickly and easily let go of these feelings which made me unhappy, which has enabled me to be who I want to be.  I have found peace of mind and am truly happy”. – A. Bond

“Living the life I couldn't even imagine - and every minute is amazing."

"I live every moment excited about now, not sad for the past, or longing for the future, but now - what can I do right this second to make my life even happier, (nearly got up and ran round the room with excitement at the thought of it!)."

"I smile all the time and know that I'm ok. I value myself and what I think is important to me."