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I gave them advice as part of their treatment and some people took it and got better, faster, but others, a significant proportion, did not. This confused me, why did some clients get in their own way of recovery and full potential? They said they wanted to, they were in real pain but still they blocked their own progress.

This question has been the central point of my work for the last 25 years and my passion for helping my clients deal with this most human of behaviours, has taken me across the globe working with some of the most interesting of people and businesses.

Business people are human too; they block themselves at work as they do in any other aspect of life, but most don't feel they can be honest about this because they fear any damage to their reputation and career.

But when the doors are closed most of my client's reveal the same worries and concerns as everyone else, but they have something that not everyone has, a big desire to achieve. So the pressure they put on themselves is huge, making the internal conflict worse.

I help people get out of their own way as simply and quickly as possible. This takes me to my main focus in business.

Everyone is asked to do jobs during their careers which they were not trained to do. Technical or vocational knowledge and skills training is expected, but most people are not trained to deal with the most common and crucial element in business - people.

I bring them the knowledge and skills to complement their work skills and the results speak for themselves.

So nearly 30 years after starting my Physiotherapy training I find myself doing almost the same thing as when I started.

Discovering the real problem, understanding its cause, explaining my observations, designing a solution and helping them execute the plan to solve the problem.

But now I use the same skills to help them achieve their goals. Getting people out of trouble is okay, but helping them achieve is far more fun and rewarding.

When people learn how to get out of their own way and realise its okay to do so, they do amazing things and 25 years (so far) of helping people do that, is huge fun.

Best wishes

Stephen Bates

One of the most common reactions from new clients to my background and story is one of bemused puzzlement.

They are puzzled because they can’t get the connection from my early career, and what I do now.

I now work with what you would call people’s thinking or mind-set, but my first business was as a Physiotherapist, someone who works with the body.

The knowledge and skills I use with my business clients seems light years away from where I started, but it is entirely relevant once you see the connecting dots.

As a Physio, what I came across is something that I was not prepared for. People sabotaging their own recovery.


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