How To Stop Working Below Your Pay Grade

S Bates, August 2 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Why is it so important to know where you are on the Genius Zone? When you know, you can make sure you won't ever have to work below your pay grade. Work will be much more enjoyable and satisfying too. I need less than 10 minutes of your time if you think this is important.

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How To Make A Big Breakthrough In Your Leadership

S Bates, August 1 2019

#UnblockYourPeople What is the strange thing about most business leaders and managers compared to these professions? SoldierDoctors and nursesTop sportspeoplePilotsLawyerAccountantVetArchitectScientistPhysiotherapistChefPharmacistPolice Officer The difference between these people and most business leaders is that these people had a lot of training...

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Sorry Leaders, To Be The Best You Need Great Managers

S Bates, July 31 2019

#UnblockYourPeople When we work with a leader, or Alphas as we call them, we always ask them how good their managers are. There is a simple reason why we ask this question. One of the most common reasons why Alphas get trapped underperforming is that they are not supported by a management team with the right skills.

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Why Are You Hiding Your Inner Alpha?

S Bates, July 30 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Last week I found myself listening in on a conversation between two guys in their late twenties. They were loudly discussing leadership and why they believed they were leaders. Naturally, I pricked up my ears and listened. The theme seemed to be the incompetence of their boss, who for some reason, failed to see their talents.

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How Long Have You Been Stalling Your Success?

S Bates, July 29 2019

#UnblockYourPeople What matters more? Skills and knowledge or belief and attitude? The answer is belief and attitude. The reason is that while we can do nothing without the right skills and knowledge, it is the belief in ourselves that allows us to use these skills.

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How To Make Your Teams Happier and Perform Better - Part 5 - Making Your People Work As A Team

S Bates, July 26 2019

#UnblockYourPeople It is easy to say the word team, but getting a team to work well is not easy. It is one of the hardest things a manager has to do, but it is so commonplace we don't recognise how hard it is. The cliche phrase is that there is no 'I' in Team, but this is pop-psychology nonsense.

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How To Make Your Teams Happier and Perform Better - Part 4 - Controlling Managers

S Bates, July 25 2019

#UnblockYourPeople No one wants to admit they are a control freak.However, as we all know one or have worked for one, we understand it is a common thing. Micro-managing, controlling behaviour, not listening, not delegating and controlling people's actions are all symptoms of fear.

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How To Make Your Teams Happier and Perform Better - Part 3 - Doubt and Confidence

S Bates, July 24 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Doubt and lack of confidence are critical to both happiness and good performance. As I have said before in other articles, confidence is the most commonly sought after thing in every person I have ever worked with. We may have the skills and knowledge, but do we have the confidence to overcome our natural doubts.

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How To Make Your Teams Happier and Perform Better - Part 2 - Skills and Knowledge

S Bates, July 23 2019

#UnblockYourPeople Yesterday I talked about creating an environment that helps your teams be happier, engaged and more successful. Today, I want to talk about skills and knowledge. I shudder to think about the number of times people have said to me: "I don't know how to do that" when they were talking about a core task that their role required them...

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How To Make Your Teams Happier and Perform Better

S Bates, July 22 2019

#UnblockYourPeople In this weeks series of posts, I want to take you through the different reasons why your teams may not be performing as well could be and then what to do about to start improving things. Today we are going to start with the environment they work in. And when I say environment, I don't mean just the physical place they work; I als...

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