The Alpha Programme is for senior executives and business leaders

The Alpha Programme is a 90 day advanced development programme for senior business executives and business owners.

It is for leaders who have to make a big leap in their performance because there is an equally big opportunity in front of them.

It is for the rare people who won't follow the crowd and who design their lives and results by their will and determination.

It is for the person who knows that their abilities are the key to their success and who want to make their next stage of development a big one.

The Alpha Programme is only for Alphas.


Bespoke to you

While every Alpha Programme has the same objective of rapidly evolving your thinking and skills to deal with your current situation and hit your ambitious targets, we also know that you need and want a tailored solution at your level of competence and position.

Therefore, we always create a bespoke version for you which works on the topics that you need in the order you need them.

Some Alphas are not good managers. Some have trouble understanding and dealing with people. Some lose control of their emotions too easily. Some hate conflict. Some fear public speaking and events. And of course, Alphas can doubt and lose confidence just like anyone else.

Some need to find the balance between strategic thinking and the practical application of their ideas. Often we need to do the difficult thing of letting go of some of the things which have made us successful so far, so we can be ready to deal with the new.

If you are ready to evolve we will create a programme to enable you do just that.


Who do you need to become?

Designing your evolution

Evolution is one of the most powerful forces in nature. It is the core mechanism that creates the adaptation needed to thrive in new situations, challenges and environments.

It is not often we get to take a good hard look at how we think, behave and operate, but it is one of the most valuable things we can do.

True Alphas have the rare courage to design who they are.

The Alpha Programme is designed to radically speed up and focus the next phase of your evolution.


Are you interested in finding out more?

The Alpha Programme is not for everyone. It is challenging and requires a strong desire to create this new version of who you want to become.

It requires a willingness to look at yourself objectively and critically, most people don't have the courage to do this but this is also why they produce smaller results than a true Alpha does.

It is a highly focussed 90 day journey of eye-opening insights and highly rewarding reflection, action and learning. Every Alpha we have worked with has then gone on to do remarkable things in a very short period of time.

If you are intrigued about being one of the few people who choose to design their own evolution, then please schedule a Discovery Call below and ask your questions about how we can help you make the leap forward you want.




Designing Your Evolution


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